Training on Stolen or Manipulated Motor Vehicles and Search Technology

The  EU4LEA Project, Component 2 on IBM, in coordination and cooperation with the General Directorate of Road Transport Services, and General Directorate of Customs organised a one-week training, focusing on stolen or manipulated motor vehicles and search technology, on 21 -25 August 2023.

The purpose of the training was to increase the knowledge and expertise of involved structures on identification of stolen or manipulated motor vehicles and broaden the scope of cooperation among Albanian institutions.

The training was delivered by two international experts from the Finnish Border Guard, with in-depth knowledge and long experience with many European countries on stolen or manipulated motor vehicles.

The training will be accompanied with the donation of additional OBD Scanners, procured by EU4LEA Project.  

Because of the high interest and the positive feedback given by the participants, the EU4LEA Project will organise further training courses on more advanced level.