EU4LEA experts on ‘The role of psychologist in law enforcement – Supporting the ASP Psychologist Service”.

Two-days workshops and seminar were organised by EU4LEA at the Security Academy where the goal was to present to the Albanian State Police psychologists the working methodology, functioning and structures of the psychological service in law enforcement and furthermore, to improve ASP capacity on planning, organisation and management of human, financial and technical resources.

With the excellent support of senior experts from the Lithuanian State Police, it was given the chance to the Albanian State Police to explore alternative and efficient solution to help investigators in various operational aspects, such as criminal profiling, listening techniques for particularly vulnerable victims being minors, women, and others.

During the activity the experts introduced recommendations to improve the activities of the psychologists in the Albanian State Police and gave some orientation in terms of how to guarantee an adequate selection of personnel who intend to enlist in the police and constant monitoring during their professional life. Was emphasized the importance of psychological support this in case of difficulty and the possibility of anonymous counseling services.

As a result of the workshop the project experts contributed to the drafting of a pocket guideline related to psychologists’ activities at the ASP and the identification of a series of recommendations related to the selection and training of future police officers.