Specific Training on Stolen or Manipulated Motor Vehicles for 2nd Line Border Police Employees

The IBM Component of EU4LEA Project organised two week intensive and high-quality training, focusing on stolen or manipulated motor vehicles, on 30 January – 10 February 2023. The training was delivered by two senior international short-term experts from Austrian police, with in-depth knowledge and long experience on stolen or manipulated motor vehicles.

The 1st week of the training was organised in Shkodra, Hani i Hotit BCP and Muriqan BCP, and the 2nd week of the training was delivered in Gjirokastra, Kakavija BCP.

The training was attended by 40 border police employees assigned to perform 2nd line checks coming from all Local Border and Migration Directorates.

The purpose of the training was to enhance the knowledge and expertise on identifying stolen or manipulated motor vehicles at the border. The training was supported with Sets of Tools and OBD Scanners procured by EU4LEA Project for each BCP that has a garage for 2nd Line Checks.   

EU4LEA Project will monitor the progress in the coming months with the intention of delivering more advanced training courses and making the most motivated employees as part of European networks on stolen vehicles and trainers in the future.