Assessment of risk analysis model/practice applied by border police. 

EU4LEA project recruited a Short-Term Expert (STE) to assess the current structures and situation of the risk analysis model applied by ASP Border and Migration Department, respectively in two alternating weeks 17 – 21 April and 08 -12 May 2023. 

The purpose of this assessment was to enhance capacities of border police structures on analysing the risks relating to cross-border criminal activities and determine the steps to be taken in the future to align the risk analysis model with CIRAM 2.0 model. The activity was focused on meetings with all risk analysis specialists at the central and local level, including IMOC, with fruitful discussions encompassing issues relating to the legal framework, structure, human resources, SOPs, collection and dissemination of information, identification of risk indicators, and so on.

The assessment was performed by an Austrian Senior Expert in the field of Risk Analysis and Integrated Border Management with indepth knowledge and previous work experience with Border and Migration Police Department in Albania. The assessment will be followed by other activities relating to this topic.