Donations to the Albanian State Police by EU4LEA Project

Today on 30th March 2023, EU4LEA Project organised a donation ceremony in close liaison with the project key beneficiary, the Albanian State Police.

In the framework of the collaboration with the Albanian State Police, respectively under Outcome 1: ‘Improved performance of ASP, SPAK, GPO/PO & relevant agencies in the fight against serious/ organised crime, high-level corruption & environmental crime’,  EU4LEA Project donated to the Albanian State Police two advanced workstations. The advanced workstations will support National Central Bureau of Interpol Tirana, Criminal Police Department to improve and increase the efficiency and performance of their daily tasks and responsibilities.

In addition, in the framework of Outcome 2: ‘’Improved national Integrated Border Management’, several tools and devices were donated to the Border and Migration Department. IBM project team has carried out field visits to major Border Crossing Points and has had follow-up meetings with Border and Migration Department on needs assessment as regards specific tools and devices. Such tools/devices will support the Border and Migration officers at BCPs to better perform their daily activities in terms of document checking and vehicle checking. EU4LEA has accompanied such donations with respective trainings on ‘’Stolen or Manipulated Motor Vehicles” and on “Forged Documents” for border and migration police officers.

The donation ceremony was attended by General Director of State Police Mr Muhamet Rrumbullaku and other Albanian State Police managers, Mr Fabio OTTAVIANI, Team Leader of EU4LEA  and Mr Richard DULLNIGG, Deputy Team Leader and IBM Long Term Expert of EU4LEA.

Mr Rrumbullaku appreciated EU support provided not only in the area of the fight against organised crime and border and migration area but also in all other areas covered by the Albanian State Police. He highlighted the excellent cooperation with EU4LEA and the expertise brought through its experts to support police in bringing it closer to EU standards.

Mr Ottaviani appreciated the excellent cooperation of Albanian State Police with EU4LEA and ensured that EU4LEA is willing to further support the Albanian State Police not only with relevant trainings but also with its expertise from EU countries and through technical support in order to enhance State Police performance.