Workshop on “Astrolabio”, a case study of a successful Joint Investigation Team among prosecutors of Albania, Italy and Greece, Eurojust and Europol.

On 17th of May 2023 EU4LEA project organized a workshop to both reassess Operation Astrolabio vis-a’-vis the JIT Secretariat methodology and a to make available expertise developed for future similar cases, notably in the area of fighting Trafficking in Human Beings. Specialized Prosecutors from Italy – Albanian SPAK, Greece along with analysts from Europol who, back then, supported the investigation and Eurojust Colleges from the three countries gathered facilitated by EU4LEA and JIT Secretariat Network.

Although Op. Astrolabio is considered a case study for its successful outcome in terms of arrested criminals and intelligence picture developed, additional technical tools were identified for future cases and deeper knowledge was developed among investigators.