EU4LEA brings up an inclusive workshop on evidence seeking tools to support complex and proactive investigations.

Tirana, 15 May 2023  

Along with Albanian magistrates and SPAK/NBI investigators, within the premises and under the kind hospitality of the School of Magistrates of Albania, the EU4LEA’s experts from EU top investigative unit and Prosecution’s Office, held this very comprehensive workshop to present effective tools of investigations, such as wiretapping and infiltrations.

The vast and distinguished experience of the EU4LEA experts helped the Albanian magistrates and investigators to have a better understanding on the usage of this very useful investigative tools by giving real showcases, and effective ways to approach complex cases. This workshop gave a rare opportunity for all participants to share their professional daily strain and ways ahead on how to develop a better understanding of this filed of expertise. Domestic law on wiretapping was tackled by both experts and participants had a very interesting comparative-based discussions.

Again, the workshop showed the importance of international cooperation among law enforcement agencies as the most crucial way of fighting transnational organized crime, and the very good connection in this field that Albanian and EU institutions have.