EU4LEA Workshop on asset seizure and confiscation held in Tirana

Tirana May31, 2023

The workshop aimed to address the priority of Albanian law enforcement authorities, such as the Albanian State Police, General Prosecution Office, and District Prosecution offices of Tirana, Durres and Vlora, in recovering illegally obtained assets and preventing criminals from benefiting from their crimes.

By facilitating communication and networking among judicial and police authorities, the workshop provided a platform to understand and confront the challenges involved in recovering ill-gotten assets, such as properties, vehicles, yachts, cash, and other funds obtained through corruption or other acquisitive crimes. EU Experts from Judicial Authority and Judicial Police presented successful models on the matter, namely the Italian Antimafia legislation which is one of the most advanced world-wide. Strong similarity between Albanian and Italian anti-mafia laws indicates potential future cooperation in comprehensive asset investigation activities.