Official visit of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) at the Italian Law Enforcement Agencies  

The EU funded project EU4LEA supported a three-day field training mission for the National Bureau of Investigation, headed by the Director General, on 14-16 November 2022 in Rome, Italy.

The mission intended to provide the NBI with solutions in terms of the structure and special tactics aimed at countering terrorism, serious and mafia-style organised crime, money laundering and cybercrime. The Albanian investigators joined several operational meetings held, respectively, at the Anti-mafia Investigative Directorate, the Anti-Cybercrime Department of the Italian State Police, the Special Operations Group (ROS) of the Carabinieri Corps, the Special Unit of the Currency Police of the Guardia di Finanza Corps. Furthermore, senior police officers from the Italian Europol National Unit, updated the Albanian delegation on potential and functioning of EU police cooperation tools, with a focus on the information exchange though the Secure Information Exchange Network Application (SIENA).

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