EU4LEA expertise provided on improve investigation and prosecution capacity in the fight against serious/ organized crime and high-level corruption.

EU4LEA project completed an activity on enhancing operational capacities of ASP, GPO / PO SPAK/NBI in the investigation & prosecution of organized crime, illicit trafficking and high-level corruption.

The project engaged one international Senior Expert, to conduct an assessment of the situation related to organization of work, the training needs and support to be provided by the project. The recruited STE held a number of meetings with various important project beneficiaries, such as Albanian State Police, General Prosecution Office, SPAK and NBI.  In-depth working meetings were also held with relevant specialized units when it comes to understanding the specific procedures to be followed for in-house support which in some cases may jeopardize the secrecy of the investigations when interception, surveillance etc. are required.  

Further cooperation and expertise, from EU4LEA to the Albanian institutions, shall continue in order to provide EUMS best practices in the field as well as guarantee a comprehensive involvement and cooperation of all Stakeholders in the country.