Workshop on ‘Cybercrime investigation methodology and techniques. Administration of computer evidence and seizure of equipment that carries evidence and data related to technology in this field’

Cybercrime is a fast-growing area of crime and is becoming more aggressive. New trends in cybercrime are emerging all the time considering the modernisation of internet technologies. More and more criminals are using the speed, convenience, and anonymity of the internet to commit criminal activities that know no borders, posing a significant threat to victims worldwide. At the same time, new technological developments and innovations present growing challenges to conduct effective investigations and increase the pressure on criminal justice to adapt the necessary tools and approaches accordingly.

In this framework and considering the importance of the fight against cybercrime, EU4LEA in close cooperation with the School of Magistrates have organised a one-day workshop on cybercrime investigation methodology and techniques. The workshop was attended by judges and prosecutors of general jurisdiction courts and prosecution offices, investigators of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and police officers of Albania State Police (ASP).

International experts that attended the workshop provided a comprehensive introduction of the international legal framework on cybercrime and introduced some useful operational aspects on search and acquisition of E-evidence within the framework of criminal investigation.

Participants had the opportunity to address many issues to the international experts mainly related to digital transaction, Blockchain technology, investigation methods and protocols etc. They were involved in an interactive and technical discussion during the workshop focusing on the cooperation between the competent judicial authorities involved in crimes committed by means of information technology.