Workshop and seminar ‘’On innovative solutions for assets management – strengthening ASP Supporting Services’’.

Supporting services is a key element to law enforcement institutions, especially to Albanian State Police considering the operational role of this agency. Success in logistics is translated into increased efficiency, lower costs, higher productivity, smarter use of equipment, spaces of premises. It has a direct a direct impact on the main outcome of ASP and it helps the institution to better perform and fulfil its objectives.

The EU4LEA project has a Component dedicated to “Improving the capacities of the ASPH for planning, organizing and managing human, financial and technical resources”. In this regard, on May 9-11, the Project organized a two-day workshop and a one-day seminar on Asset Management. The activities were attended by specialists, managers and high-level managers from the Department of Support Services, IT and Logistics Directorate of the Albanian State Police and the Security Academy.  

The workshop and seminar brought concrete results, drafts were presented for the catalogue of services, identification of SLAs, definition of groups targeted by services, description of work processes, required fields in the system, operation of incident tickets, etc., and a demonstration of how osTicket can be configured for open-source use in the State Police system.

Both activities were designed to be a combination of technical aspects discussed during the workshop and strategic approach and concerns addressed during the seminar that was attended by top-level managers of ASP and Security Academy. The participants were involved in an interactive and lively discussion during the workshop and seminar.