First Stakeholder’s Committee Meeting

EU4LEA Project held its 1st Stakeholders’ Committee Meeting (SCM) on 13th December 2022. The meeting was attended by the Delegation of the European Union as the contracted authority of the action, project key beneficiaries and secondary beneficiaries, EU Projects providing assistance in the rule of law area and other relevant international donors.

The 1st SCM was co-chaired by Ms Lenka VITKOVA, Head of Section of Good Governance and Rule of Law at EUD, Mr Besfort Llamallari, Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr Rebani JAUPAJ, Director of Public Order and Security Department of the Albanian State Police, Mrs Pranvera Pustina, Head of Cabinet of the General Prosecution Office, Mr Ened Nakuci, Special Prosecutor at the Special Prosecution Office on Anti-Corruption and Organised Crime.

Project Leader, Mr Giorgio BUTINI, presented the excellent international cooperation with the Albanian counterparts in relation to the joint investigation teams and specific cases that may be used as case studies to the Albanian judicial system. He highlighted the importance of the beneficiaries to be able to exploit the relevant options provided through the technical assistance of EU and any other international projects as regards the rule of law area and enhancement of the judicial cooperation.

Team Leader of EU4LEA project, Mr Fabio OTTAVIANI, presented the progress made by the project in cooperation with the beneficiaries for the period June 2022- November 2022, by highlighting the main deliverables and recommendations.  In addition, Mr OTTAVIANI introduced the proposed work plan including not only the activities to be delivered in close cooperation with the beneficiaries and any other relevant stakeholders during the forthcoming six months (December 2022 – May 2023) but also the expected results.

Project key beneficiaries greatly appreciated the support and technical assistance provided by the project team during its first six months’ implementation. The meeting concluded with the approval of the Stakeholders’ Committee Terms of Reference, Progress Report and Work Plan. The project team and the stakeholders expressed their commitment to a fruitful cooperation to achieve the expected results.