Study Visit to the Italian State Police on Strengthening the Capacities of the Security Academy, Albanian State Police  

EU4LEA Project in close liaison with the project leading consortium partner – Italian State Police, Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Italy, facilitated and funded the organization of a study visit to support the Security Academy, Albanian State Police and Ministry of Interior.

The purpose of the visit was to obtain an overview of the recruitment, selection, training, and career progression from the Italian State Police, Ministry of Interior in order to strengthen the capacities of the Security Academy.  

During the two-day study visit the Albanian Delegation, consisting of senior representatives, met with the Italian counterparts to exchange experience on the aforementioned areas and visited and met with their counterparts from the Institute for Inspectors of the Neptune State Police, the National Center for Specialization and Improvement in Shooting (CNSPT), the Training Center for the Protection of Public Order (CFTOP), Higher Police School, Central Directorate for General Affairs and Personnel Policies to share experience and obtain information on didactic and training activities and selection procedures on rank promotion in the Italian State Police.

Such visit is considered as preliminary step in the process of aligning the overall capacities of the Albanian State Police to the best EU standards.