EU4LEA project completed activities on development of policies and procedures related to road safety management and traffic control in terms of crime preventing activities completed.

The project engaged one international Senior Expert, to conduct an assessment of the situation regarding proactive traffic control in the fight against crime. The recruited STE held a number of meetings with various units of Albanian State Police, Head of Traffic Directorate in particular.  He also held a working meeting with important external stakeholders such as General Directorate of Road Transport Services and relevant structures.

This mission covered assistance on topics related to police road-side checks and controls over cars and trucks for compliance with International Standards and gathering of information exploitable for countering organized and serious crime, national intelligence situation on regional and EU stolen vehicles, controls on trucks compliance with International Standards on dangerous goods transportation, as well as addressing crucial issues on Intelligence Transport Systems (ITS) and their link up. 

Further cooperation and expertise, among the EU4LEAs’ expert and the Albanian institutions, was requested by the beneficiary in order to provide EUMS best practices in the field as well as guarantee a comprehensive involvement and cooperation of all Stakeholders in the country.