Women’s leadership training

Women’s leadership has always been a major topic of discussion due to the underrepresentation in top positions in Albanian State Police. Very fruitful discourses were broadly discussed during a two-days training on “Theoretical and practical training to increase the knowledge on leadership and practical skills of female police officers” organised on the 27th and 28th of March 2024 in the premises of Security Academy.

The training was attended by policewomen of basic role, and it was a combination of both theoretical and practical aspects of the topic that were interactively introduced by two police officers of Lithuanian State Police. During the 1st day, the policewomen discussed on various issues that they face on their daily work, suchlike violence and harassment in the work environment, practical decision-making tools, and mechanisms on promoting gender diversity in State Police. The 2nd day focused on practical and tactical knowledge, self-defence course, practical training on the combat in close contact – how to defend yourself and others from violent aggressor.

At the end of the training, Albanian policewomen highlighted the importance of such trainings, especially the need to have practical and tactical training sessions on a regular basis.